LIFE GUIDANCE: Niki Mossböck wins at Diagonale


© Diagonale/Miriam Raneburger
Yesterday night Life Guidance-cutter Niki Mossböck won the price at the Diagonale '18 in the category "Best artiustical montage in a motion picture" for Licht - der Film and Life Guidance). We warmly congratulate her!

"Life Guidance" at the Gijòn International Film Festival 2017


© Mireia Quintana (Gijón)
"Life Guidance" director Ruth Mader at the 55. Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijòn

53rd Chicago International Film Festival


© Timothy M. Schmidt
"Life Guidance" director Ruth Mader is presenting her movie in the "New Directors Competetion" at the 53. Chicago International Film Festival.

Ruth Mader at the Busan International Film Festival 2017


© EFP Anuj Madan

Ruth Mader's "Life Guidance" is one of 37 European movies in the "Flash Forward" selection for non-Asian filmmakers at the Busan International Film Festival.

"Veto!": Life Guidance beim Filmfest Hamburg 2017


© Michael Kottmeier
Ruth Mader and "Life Guidance" leading man Fritz Karl at the Filmfest Hamburg 2017. Part of the "Veto!" selektion for socially-engaged cinema is nomited for the "Der Politische Film der Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung".

"Life Guidance" world premiere at the Vennice Film Festival 2017


World premiere at the Vennice Film Festival 2017 in the competetion of the selection Giornate degli Autori

left: director Ruth Mader, actors Nicolas Jarosch and Florian Teichtmeister
right: Ruth Mader with "Life Guidance" composer Manfred Plessl